God Changes Our Language

When God wants us to perform a task for him and we need to use words, he is willing to change our language. Isaiah experienced this.
Bible book: Isaiah Keywords: Evangelization - Holy - Preach - Testimony - Words

Encouragement for Today and Tomorrow

Like all other Christians, you and I need strength every day to do the right things and grow. Paul writes to the believers in Philippi that he prays for them. He also explains for which he prays and why he prays for it.
Bible book: Philippians Keywords: Encouragement - Holy - Justification - Love

Only the Best

When we give a gift to someone we know, we might consider giving an average present. But for our King we only give the best.
Bible book: Leviticus Keywords: Giving - Holy - King - Quality - Sacrifice

Salted and Pure

As Christians, we live in a world that is turning dark. There are many beautiful and good things, but more and more trash and darkness come our way through news, television, and events.
Bible book: Exodus Keywords: Holy - Life - Pure - Sacrifice - Worship