God Changes Our Language

When God wants us to perform a task for him and we need to use words, he is willing to change our language. Isaiah experienced this.
Bible book: Isaiah Keywords: Evangelization - Holy - Preach - Testimony - Words

What Is Wisdom

It is extra remarkable when someone who is known for his wisdom, makes a very stupid move. Sometimes this move can have major consequences, because the person who possessed much wisdom had been entrusted with much responsibility .
Bible book: 1 Kings Keywords: God's Will - Obedience - Wisdom - Wise

Deeds Speak Louder Than Words

Our actions often speak louder than our words. Someone who claims something, but does not act accordingly, loses his credibility. Therefore, let our words and actions correspond.
Bible book: Titus Keywords: Deeds - Evangelization - Preach - Testimony - Words

Promises When Returning to God

Whoever returns to God can be assured of great blessings.
Bible book: Jeremiah Keywords: Coversion - Fortune - Future - Hope - Peace - Promise

Forms of Wealth

A proud father once said: I am the richest man in the world. Fortune magazine presents statistics on billionaires. Wealth is measured in something you own. However, there is a another kind of wealth.
Bible book: 1 Timothy Keywords: Future - Giving - Hope - Wealth

Church of Faith

The church belongs to God and Jesus Christ. The faith that resides in the church has influence in the community and beyond.
Bible book: Galatians Keywords: Church - Faith - Influence

My Old Self

Whoever is born again, receives new life; a new me. Where is our old self?
Bible book: Galatians Keywords: Old self - Rebirth

Testimony and Faith

We are called to profess our faith in Christ, without any shame.
Bible book: Esther Keywords: Testimony

Shoulder to Shoulder

When several people try to reach a common goal, they need to organize themselves and work together. This is the same in God’s kingdom.
Bible book: Nehemiah Keywords: Coöperation - Leadership - Organisation

Encouragement for Today and Tomorrow

Like all other Christians, you and I need strength every day to do the right things and grow. Paul writes to the believers in Philippi that he prays for them. He also explains for which he prays and why he prays for it.
Bible book: Philippians Keywords: Encouragement - Holy - Justification - Love